Monday, 14 January 2013

Tafseer As-Sa'di - by Abdur Rehman Bin Nasir As-Sa'di r.a. (Urdu Translation)

Tafseer As-Sa'di - Urdu Translation 
- اردو  المعروف تفسیر السعدی
Taiseer-ul-Karim-ur-Rahman Fe Tafseer Kalam Al-Mannan was written by Shaykh Abdur-Rahman ibn Naasir as-Sa’di.
The Great student of Shaykh Sa’di Ibn Uthaymeen said about this book:
This tafseer is one of the best for the following reasons:

  • easy and clear words for both professionals and others.
  • avoidance of unnecessary lengthening, which will confuse and waste the time of the reader.
  • avoidance of mentioning the disagreement between scholars’ opinions except for the important ones.
  • following the path of the pious predecessors in illustrating the verses of Allah SWT’s attributes (no tahreef, and no Ta’aweel).
  • accuracy in obtaining rules, benefits and wisdom from the verses.

Total Pages 3056
Total Siza Size: 307 MB


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